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Melbourne multi-cultural matriarch MIETTA has just released her groundbreaking debut album “A Mad Distance.”  

Cultivating a unique mix of globe-trotting styles – from Latin American rhythms to Spanish class, exotic pop and stylings from as far flung as Brazil and Afro Pervuian regions, Mietta weaves a sonic tapestry that leaves listeners enchanted and beguiled. 

Growing up in a family of writers and editors, there’s no wonder Mietta has become such a prolific and inspired songwriter.  While the major theme of the album is about losing love, she explains, “It also touches on losing your home and finding a new one – be it literally or metaphorically, and being sure to stay strong and not buckle under life’s tragedies….Most of the songs on the album and my musical inspiration come from many different countries around the world: Spain, Brazil, Arabic influences, Afro Peruvian influences, South America.  I have a deep fascination with the music, people, literature, jewelry, clothing and spirituality of these places.”

Don’t miss this talent on the rise and the chance to explore her unique sonic world.